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Photo: Benny Thaibert

Thor Johann

Since i was just a kid i have always been interested in everything related to film, and the magic of theater.
I started acting in 2011 in a small town in Iceland called Búðardalur, i was in a play there, called The Shoemaker’s Prosperous Wife by Federico García Lorca. Our director at the time gave me the acting bug and i haven’t lost it since.

I moved to Copenhagen in 2013 to study acting at Copenhagen’s Film & Theater school, under the leadership of Stuart Lynch. At KFTS – Københavns Film & Teaterskole i really got to know myself and what i’m about, I am forever grateful for the people that i met in the 3 years i went there, and the work that we did.

My entire life i have been surrounded by art, and I always did my best work in art classes. My family on my fathers side are artist and i was always fascinated by the work they did, i knew that i wanted to make images, whether on stage, film or through the lens of a camera.

DNA – Journey

My part in the DNA Journey by Momondo

DNA – Journey

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